What Financial Assistance is Available for Low-Income Patients Visiting Urgent Care Centers?

Visiting an urgent care center can be a convenient and immediate solution for medical needs, but for those with low or no income, the cost of care can be a barrier. Fortunately, there are several programs available to help cover the cost of care. Golden Valley Health Centers offers a financial assistance program to help patients who may not have the financial capacity to pay all of their medical bills. Providence also provides assistance to those in need.

To qualify for these programs, patients will need to answer questions about their financial situation and provide income statements, tax return forms, and a record of their monthly bills. The programs cover primary care in community clinics, specialized, emergency and urgent care in Health Services clinics and hospitals, medications, mental health care, and treatment for substance use disorder. Covered California was created as part of health reform to help the uninsured and people with low to moderate incomes get health insurance. Kaiser Permanente also has a financial assistance program that covers emergency and necessary health care services, pharmacy services and products, and medical supplies provided at Kaiser Permanente centers or by Kaiser Permanente providers. My Health LA is a no-cost health care program for low-income people living in Los Angeles County.

The Affordable Care Act expanded the number of people who qualify for Medicaid, as the program is now based primarily on income. If you are in need of medical care but have limited resources or income, there are several options available to help cover the cost of care. Be sure to research all of your options and ask your healthcare provider about any financial assistance programs they may offer.

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