Do Credit Cards Cover Urgent Care Services?

ExpressCare urgent care centers submit claims to insurance companies for the convenience of all our patients. Due to the increasing non-payment of bills, we request authorization to bill one of the major credit or debit cards to cover the amounts that your insurance company determines are your responsibility. We recommend using a credit card as a way to protect the final revenues of their centers. For a full list of services offered, please visit our service menu.

Walk-in clinics cannot replace some of the services provided in an emergency room, especially in cases where your life could be in danger. Customers should consult their specific plan to determine if services will be considered covered and will be considered in-network. When I have some type of test after being evaluated at ExpressCare and then decide to leave before a provider sees it, I will be responsible for paying out of pocket for the tests that have been performed. If you don't need emergency assistance to treat symptoms or conditions that endanger your life, you might be better off going to an urgent care center where you can get the same high-quality treatment in a shorter time.

Eliminate the complexity of delivering on-demand care with an industry-leading operating system built specifically for you. UrgentCare is not considered emergency care, so these services often must have prior authorization from the beneficiaries so that the payers listed above can cover them. Livingston HealthCare urgent care center provides immediate assistance for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. PhysicianOne Urgent Care requires that almost all patients provide a form of payment (“card on file”) in case the patient assumes greater responsibility for the costs after the insurance has awarded their visit.

Some symptoms can be caused by serious medical conditions and require the immediate care and attention of a trained health professional. Credit card pre-authorization will simplify many processes in your urgent care center, if implemented correctly. If you have any questions about your plan's specific coverage, call your insurance provider for a breakdown of your plan costs before your urgent care visit. This means that more and more consumers are paying for health care out of pocket, but nearly half of the 43% of Americans are insured through their employer to say they can't afford their deductible.

When the insurance claim is processed, the patient must receive an explanation of benefits (EOB), either by mail or electronically from their insurer, describing the patient's responsibility for the services provided.

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