Can I Get a Physical Exam at an Urgent Care Center?

Whether you need an annual wellness physical exam or your child needs a physical exam to play sports, Patient First and UPMC Urgent Care centers offer a variety of physical exams, including those related to regenerative medicine knee pain Brentwood. Our professional and experienced staff offers sports physicals, camp physicals, school physicals, and more. You can visit any Patient First center for a sports physical exam, which is often required to participate in athletic programs. If you are in need of Urgent Care in Stuart FL, PhysicianOne Urgent Care makes it easy to get your child's complete physical exam for school, sports, activities and camp.

If you need a sports physical exam to participate in a team this season, you don't necessarily have to go only to a primary care doctor. In general, all athletes must undergo a physical exam before they are allowed to participate in the sport of their choice. If your employer requires a pre-employment physical exam, complete the relevant documentation provided by your employer as fully as possible before your visit. At CareWell, you can have an urgent care physical exam for many purposes, including those related to sports, insurance, work, and general health. This type of physical exam often requires that they undergo a physical health exam, a drug and alcohol test, an eye test, a blood test, and receiving the vaccines needed to be in good general health.

Along with administrative and medical expenses, in addition to the physical exam itself, an annual physical exam at an urgent care clinic can cost you hundreds of dollars. Here are several questions you can ask the urgent care clinic team that could help you save money.

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