Can I Get a Splint at Urgent Care?

When you experience knee pain due to arthritis, it can be difficult to know where to turn for treatment. Fortunately, urgent care centers are equipped with the necessary medical supplies and trained staff to provide appropriate care for a variety of injuries, including those that require a splint. At an urgent care center, you will be x-rayed and diagnosed with your condition, allowing you to receive the right knee pain arthritis treatment big rock, such as a splint, brace, or crutch, to help speed up your recovery. The splints have adjustable straps to keep the devices in place, but the cast will remain on the arm or leg until the doctor removes it. Open fractures will require surgery to close the skin opening and bring bones together, but closed fractures are easier to stabilize with a splint or cast.

In addition, modern splints and casts are designed to allow for the greatest possible mobility and comfort. If you suspect a broken or twisted arm, leg, wrist, foot, or other limb, visit a local Vybe urgent care center today and they will help you recover. You may need to wear a cast or splint for several weeks or longer, so you should learn how to care for them properly. WellCare Urgent Care addresses a variety of medical problems, such as the flu, vaccines, physical exams, allergy symptoms, and more.

FastMed Urgent Care is open for extended hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year for treatment of a fracture, sprain and many other injuries. FastMed operates nearly 200 urgent care clinics in five states, under the FastMed, CareSpot and MedPost brands. If you have suffered an injury that requires a splint or cast, visit an urgent care center today. With convenient locations in the Philadelphia area and qualified health professionals on staff, FastMed Urgent Care can quickly diagnose and treat your injury so that you can start your recovery process as soon as possible.

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